With Wiagro, post-harvest quality becomes predictable.

Wiagro provides unparalleled quality control for producers, farmers, and grain storage companies.

Smart Silobag®

Smart Silobag® is a solution that enables remote monitoring of the conditions of stored grains in silobags and conventional silos using IoT devices and a web/mobile platform for visualization.

Powered by unique and innovative technology

Harnessing cognitive and simulation technology in agriculture, Wiagro's Smart Silobag® solution monitors the entire grain mass for any quality issues, including the silo's core and all areas prone to hot spots.

Smart Silobag® Platform

The Smart Silobag® platform provides information to maximize quality and prevent post-harvest loss. Sensor data is combined with environmental information and predictive models to recommend appropriate interventions that maximize the quality of stored grain. Furthermore, the conditions of stored grains after harvest are tracked and made readily available with just a click of a button, offering quality reports, improving traceability, and providing proof of origin.

Email and Telegram alerts

Quality and security alerts. They are instant and designed to keep you informed immediately, preventing the leakage of phosphine, monitoring the quantity, and allowing you to take action in case of an emergency.
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