With Wiagro, post-harvest quality becomes predictable

Wiagro offers unprecedented quality control for producers, farmers, and grain storage companies.

Smart Warehouse®

It allows controlling the quality and preservation of grains in non-controlled atmosphere systems such as cells, sheet metal silos, or Australian silos. It measures temperature, humidity, and CO2. Moreover, it can predict hotspots several days in advance, thus avoiding grain quality loss and other issues.

Powered by a unique and innovative technology

Harnessing cognitive and simulation technology in agriculture, Wiagro's Smart Warehouse® solution monitors the entire grain mass for any quality issues, including the silo's core and all hotspot areas.

Email and Telegram alerts

Quality and security alerts are instantaneous and designed to keep you informed immediately, preventing grain quality loss, quantifying the extent of the loss, and enabling you to take action in case of vandalism.
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